10:00 PM


Forever is a word best left unsaid because you can't fathom it's value. We don't live long enough to know what it is. I could tell you what a car costs and you can conceive the amount of work you would have to put in to pay one off. Forever is just an empty word. I'm not sure we're capable of anything forever. I don't know that I could live in my dream world forever.

12:06 PM

Why Does Your Belly Button Stink?

Seriously, dude. There's no reason it should smell the way it does. It's not an asshole. It doesn't even perform any specific function except just chilling there. You forget you even have a belly button until every so often you look down while showering and clean it out with your washcloth then smell the washcloth and then think "Damn, I should have used toilet paper for this. I don't wipe my ass with a washcloth and it smells almost exactly the same."

11:28 PM

Shit and Other Toilet Talk

I have so many quarks and weird hang-ups about me that it's ridiculous. As far as I know I'm the only person in the world who when I go the bathroom in the middle of the night to drop deuce actually checks under the toilet bowl and seat and lid just to make sure there's not a spider there. I've always been afraid that at some point in my life a spider's going to crawl up my asshole by surprise. The odds have to point to it happening at some point?

6:14 PM


I haven't really decided what to do with this website. Lord knows I don't post enough on my primary one to warrant having a second site but whatever. We'll figure something out...

Stay Tuned.